Denture Implants and More in Port Orchard, WA

Since 1960, John Campbell has made over 25,000 dentures and successfully treated many hard to fit patients.

He is:

• A Former Navy Dental Tech
• A Former Dental Officer
• Dental Educator
• Lecturer


Even after 50 years experience, 22 years in Port Orchard, we continue to offer the latest techniques in our state-of-the-art clinic.

John Campbell specializes in attaching dentures to implants for a secure chewing experience. Dental implants provide a strong anchor for dentures. We use conventional products and also mini implants. Mini implants are smaller and are inserted without a surgical procedure. This allows the client to wear implanted supported dentures immediately.

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Denture & Mini Implant Specialists

Front of the dental office that does denture implants in Port Orchard, WA